ecoFinish AquaBright

Imagine what it would be like to have a pool that is safer and cleaner. If you would like to make your pool look nicer and last longer than you need to contact Idaho Pool Remodeling today! At Idaho Pool Remodeling we pride ourselves on customer service and satisfaction and we work hard to provide our customers with only the best in pool cleaning and upkeep services. Idaho Pool Remodeling now offers a revolutionary, environmentally friendly product called AquaBright™, by ecoFinish©. AquaBright™ is a pool finish that will eliminate the paint and plaster issues you are used to dealing with. Remember the annoyance of paint chipping and chalking. Or who can forget plaster that gets rough or mottling that looks like clouds in your pool finish? With the new AquaBright™ offered exclusively from Idaho Pool remodeling you will no longer need to deal with any of these issues! For long-time pool owners this will come as a welcome relief to the pool frustrations they have dealt with over the years.

One of the greatest features of the AquaBright™ coating is that it's environmentally friendly. In most pools less than 200 pounds of product are put into the pool. Compare that to thousands of pounds of plaster material that has to be mined, manufactured, bagged and shipped.

AquaBright™ remains flexible through its long life. This means it can be used on a variety of surfaces including fiberglass, steel and plaster pools. This flexibility enables it to be used to repair pool slides, hot tubs and pool steps.

The AquaBright™ coating offered by Idaho Pool Remodeling will also help to reduce the amount of chemicals you need to use to keep your pool clean. This means a big savings to your wallet and less pool maintenance to worry about! To help our customers keep their pool looking new and fresh Idaho Pool Remodeling is able to apply the AquaBright™ coating in several different colors.

AquaBright™ comes with a 10 year manufacturer's warranty. Standard pool plaster warranties are typically 1 or 2 years, maybe 5 years at most. In addition to the manufacturer's warranty, Idaho Pool Remodeling tacks on its own labor warranty or 2 years so if anything goes wrong, you are completely covered.

AquaBright™ is a pH Neutral coating which does help it to reduce the chemicals you need. When Idaho Pool Remodeling comes out to apply AquaBright™ we won't need big trucks in order to do so. Idaho Pool Remodeling will be able to apply the new coating and it will actually cure in seconds! This means you won't need to wait weeks in order to use your swimming pool again. In many cases we can drain a pool on Monday and have it filling again by Friday.

AquaBright™ is extremely durable and it will outperform any other pool finish out there. If you want your pool to look better, last longer, and to save you money you need to contact Idaho Pool Remodeling today!

ecoFinish AquaBright and PolyFibro are revolutionary pool finishes that makes pool ownership fun again. From ease of startup to long life and warranty, the ecoFinish High Performance Pool Finishes promises to keep your pool looking great for years to come.

Now Accepting Pool Remodel Clients

Refinish Your Slide!

Refinish Your Slide!

AquaBright or PolyFibro makes for a smooth long lasting surface, even to older slides!

Rejuvenate Your In  Ground Vinyl Pool Steps

Rejuvenate Your In Ground Vinyl Pool Steps

Bring your in ground vinyl pool's steps back to life with PolyFibro or AquaBright!