Pool & Spa Remodel

What happens when your pool or spa needs a freshening? Call on the experts that specialize in doing so! We can help determine your true needs, not what someone else wants to do to your pool or spa. Whether this is AquaBright from ecoFinish, new plaster, tile replacement, decking or exciting additions to your pool like tiled mosaics or a waterfall!

The Process

Our fist step is to get to know each other. We will schedule a site visit by phone or email and have the beginnings of an idea to what you are wanting to improve in your pool or spa with a swimming pool or spa remodel.

After we have met and discussed your needs, the next step is to develop a budget and proposal. Sometimes budgets dictate we cant get everything done in a season, so we can develop a master plan on how to accomplish your goals, within your budget, over a period of time.

After we have established the scope of work and the cost, work can begin! Keep in mind as we schedule work, things like weather and material availability may change our schedule, or cause delays. Keeping schedules is very important to both you and us, so moving dates around is the last thing we want to do.

Once your swimming pool remodel is scheduled, the first step is prep and demo phase. In this phase, old material is removed. In the case of swimming pool plaster, it may be stripped or bond coated. Our expert analysis can help determine which course of action is necessary. Other demolition and preparation may include removal of decking, coping or waterline tile. This would also be the tile to make any structural repairs if needed.

Moving beyond preparation of your swimming pool remodel, all the new materials will be installed. Many considerations go into the order in which the work is performed but usually, it is pool tile first, then decking, mosaics and finally pool plaster.

Finally, the pool is filled and the circulation system is started. All of our proposals include the initial startup chemicals to help prevent staining and promote proper curing of the pool plaster. At this point a final meeting to go over the care instructions, and your swimming pool remodel is complete!

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